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  • 法國寮都校友會跨年除夕晚會 2017/2018 完結篇

    法國寮都校友會跨年除夕晚會 2017/2018 完結篇

  • 法國寮都校友會跨年除夕晚會2017/2018


  • 法國寮都校友會-2017/2018 (除夕晚会現場)相片集

    法國寮都校友會-2017/2018 (除夕晚会現場)相片集

2017 lieutou 80 anni s老挝万象寮都公学80周年庆典【youtube】 

2018 London firework 120New Year 2018: London's spectacular fireworks display【youtube】 

2018 sydney firework 120New Year 2018 Fireworks Sydney, Australia【youtube】 

2018 paris fireworkParis Fireworks 2018 【youtube】 

2017 2018 french new year 2法國寮都校友會跨年除夕晚會 2017/2018 完結篇【youtube】 

2017 2018 french new year 1法國寮都校友會跨年除夕晚會 2017/2018 完結篇【youtube】 

2017 2018 french new year photo法國寮都校友會-2017/2018 (除夕晚会現場)相片集【youtube】 

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法國寮都校友會 2015 /2016 跨年除夕倒數晚會 《現埸特輯 》

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注意,將會開啟一個新視窗 列印E-mail

I should say how grateful I am to everyone who made time with me and forwarded LieuTou’s web-link to me. I and my husband, Geoff, we moved from Glen Waverley to the Tatura Vic. 3616 in 2012. The Tatura means “small lake“ that was named by the Indigenous Australians Aborigines in 17 century. It would take approximately 2-hour by driving from Melbourne CBD to Tatura.


According to the 2010 Census, the population of Tatura were 3533 that excluding shira and Geoff. There are over 1000 Jobs available in this small town. We are very happy living here because we enjoy fresh air, healthy and inexpensive foods. For examples: Tatura Milk, fresh milk is collected daily and processed within 24 hours. We could get many fresh fruits directly from the central growing region of Goulburn Valley. Every day, we have high quality meats from local Abattoir. Also, Tatura Hot Bread was awarded the Top quality Bakery in 2013.


Have you heard Unilever Tatura Australia, they make everyday goods including Chai latte, hygiene (OMO laundry detergent) and personal care product (fresh Aloe body gel). We are most proud of having Tatura Hospital and Aged Care facility centre and Goulburn Murray irrigation research centre in the small town.


We are going to have “2015 Alumni Reunion in Sydney Australia”. All of You are invited to visit us and to play Golf in this small town, Tatura. We love to share a couple cups of coffee and beautiful homemade cakes with all of you. You are more than welcome to visit us anytime as you are ready.

Please contact me via email:   這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看